The Philadelphia Voices of Pride is a self-affirming Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender* (LGBTQ) and Ally vocal ensemble devoted to enhancing the musical, educational, and cultural life of the Philadelphia area. We consider ourselves ambassadors, promoting a positive image of the LGBT community by donating our time, talents, and financial resources to benefit LGBT, HIV, and Women's organizations.

Support provided in part by  The Philadelphia Cultural Fund.

Support provided in part by The Philadelphia Cultural Fund.

Who We Are

We are office managers, pharmacists, nurses, chefs, and students. We are business owners, educators, caregivers, and researchers. We are all these people and more -- members of the Philadelphia LGBTQ and Allied community who have come together to create an environment where all members, regardless of their singing experience, can meet to further their interest in singing, to challenge themselves to reach beyond their current abilities, and to form strong social and community ties.

A Brief History

In the summer of 2005, several former members of Spruce Street Singers and a handful of women got together to form a new LGBTQ choral organization. From that initial meeting came Philadelphia Voices of Pride (PVOP), Philadelphia's premier mixed-voice LGBTQ chorus. From our first concert, the mission of the group was simple: perform great choral music and have fun doing so, while promoting and supporting a positive image of the Philadelphia LGBTQ community. Over the years the chorus has done just that, performing a mixture of classical and current music that has attracted new members and new audiences. PVOP has grown by leaps and bounds, challenging its members with more difficult music and thrilling audiences with a fuller, richer sound while still managing to convey a sense of fun on stage.